summery: Ctrl + j and Ctrl + w.

I mainly use keyboard on web surfing. It may be just my finger, index finger joint ache when I use mouse long time. So I use Chrome extension like Vimium allow to surf the web without a mouse.

Chrome leaves download status bar after download complete. It is annoying. Of course It’s good on downloading. But after download, I have to use a mouse to click x button to close the download status bar. I don’t like to release my hand from keyboard.

I was looking for keyboard shortcut, and there was nothing good enough. Always Clear Downloads extension is not well for me. It made difficult to detect download complete because it auto clear the bar after five seconds.

Macro for mac is good. But I don’t use a mac.

And then, I found it easier than expected. Method is that Ctrl + j. Then, Chrome open download list tab and close download status bar. Wow~! Now, press Ctrl + w to close download list tab. You return to a tab you were.


Ctrl + j, Ctrl + w


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